Our instructional videos can be of help in assisting students, schools and libraries achieve their educational objectives.
The step by step methodology applied to the production of our videos allow libraries to offer motivating, entertaining and content rich audiovisual materials, helping their patrons to develop lifelong skills, and promoting their presence in the school and library ́s facilities.
There is no need for a higher education background to learn with our videos. The users have to have an elementary school (primary school).


Centro Nacional de Educacion a Distancia designs, develops, produces and controls the educational content of the courses.
The course design is performed following established procedures and occupational market  analysis, gathering information that will lead to the development of training programs that meet the needs of the market, potential participants and the community.
In the development and production teachers, trainers, cameramen, editors, layout artists and communication specialists work with great dedication to produce high quality and efficient courses . Because the course content is developed by the Institute, teachers can answer queries quickly, because they , themselves, are part of the working group and are well aware of the contents. Learning is more efficient because the contents are properly organized and follow a specially developed logical sequence.
Learning is done online and through explanations and procedures on video and / or text and interactive content along with LIVE or e-mail tutoring from  our experienced teachers.  We have an expert faculty with extensive experience, which is involved in the educational , along with an administrative group that supports the training and learning process.


Democratizes access to training and education, because it reaches people who for reasons of work activity, place of residence, economic status, age or any personal reasons cannot or will not access Campus.
The learning process is flexible because it can  be done in their own environment, at home, work, and can begin training at any time of year.
The student has tutoring and support from working professionals and teachers.
In the demonstration videos that are included in the  courses such as beauty, mechanics, gastronomy, design, construction, agriculture, electricity, etc. procedures are captured with a close approach and special shots to see details clearly.
The student can review and observe the procedures as often as necessary.
The student can start practicing in a car, refrigerator, air conditioning, electronic equipment, construction project, electricity or plumbing, garden or orchard, with family and friends (aesthetic area), in business or employment in your kitchen, etc. .
This is one of the most effective ways to learn skills, abilities, methods and procedures. It is used by thousands of organizations and companies.
We grew up in the era of new technologies. We are used to inform, amuse, entertain us on television and internet, therefore the video is the easiest way to learn and assimilate.


Our extraordinary experience with past and present students and users is expressed in hundreds of testimonials that show that our materials do what they are supposed to: train effectively and efficiently.

“I recommend the Automechanics programs beacuse is an excelente course to improve your knowledge.  I am a mechanic and I am applying what I learn , the contect was great and I would like to keep learning”

Francisco Arce Agua Prieta


I am vey happy that I took this online program that not only thought me how to cook but all the details in hygiene and food conservation.  I  truly thank you for !

Sor Imelda Arboleda

My library recently purchased four DVD’s—two on makeup and two on hairstyling—from VIP Learning.   In addition to the expected institutional discount, we also received two free cooking DVD’s.   All six of the titles have been very popular at our Village Branch.  My son, who is also a librarian, works at that branch and he says that the DVD’s are never on the shelf.  They get checked out as quickly as they are returned. “

Vickie Richardson